Hear it From Me

Hey there! I'm Alison Bayer– otherwise known as a confident, powerful, beautiful leader, personal growth obsessor, girlfriend, daughter, sister, friend, & coach. I believe I was put here to influence people to be responsible & resilient, to connect with others deeply, to teach, to learn, & most importantly, to love. Together we will align your physical body with your infinite mental & spiritual capacity.


For the past half-decade, I have been a perpetual student of leadership, personal development, spirituality, & entrepreneurship principles. My relentless commitment to these studies stems from their transformational power in my own life as I stepped into radical responsibility from a place of utter hopelessness. I have taken this passion & coached two leadership teams of at least 10 people, not only into achieving unprecedented results in all areas of their lives but into giving back to our community in HUGE ways!


I am a firm believer that our pain is our ultimate power, so I have had the incredible journey of alchemizing my own deep pain into fuel to serve this vast interconnected world. Stick with me & you will leave with total clarity that you have a unique light that the world NEEDS to experience.

This is the place where you can find the tools that will empower you to live authentically & create the life of your dreams. My goal is to bring personal development to the world by reminding you of the infinite potential & power within you now.