2020 Vision: It's All Clear Now

Before it began, we collectively proclaimed 2020 to be "the" year. We rang in the new decade with the catchy phrase "2020 vision," prepared for an unprecedented year full of unlimited possibilities. We all intuitively knew that 2020 would be different. We spoke it into existence like all powerful manifestors do. And then it arrived.

It's only June, and 2020 is already a monumental year. We are living in historical times and facing situations that no one could have expected. From the tragic loss of the Black Mamba to a global pandemic forcing us to quarantine and social distance, and now nation-wide riots protesting the Black lives lost in the murders of police brutality- we are in what feels like the twilight zone.

We collectively asked for this. We asked for a huge year, we asked for change, we asked for 2020 vision, and here it is. It didn't show up how we expected, but it showed up how we needed. We needed everything to abruptly stop and to be forced to stay inside in order for us to get clear about who we are when external resources are stripped away. It took a global pandemic for us to really question the powers in place. Stay at home orders gave our real home, planet Earth, a chance to breathe its own fresh air. But it didn't stop there. As things began to get back to "normal" we were hit with back-to-back unjust deaths of Black lives inflicted by the police. The names of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor were quickly known across the nation, but it was George Floyd that broke the camel's back. Horrific video footage of a white cop pressing his knee on Floyd's neck as he cried out, "I can't breathe" while three other cops stood and watched until he died sent shock waves across our nation.

It's interesting how as we face two pandemics: COVID-19 and racism, the hashtag #ICantBreathe applies to both. George Floyd spoke for the whole nation in his dying breaths. It took the tragic loss of yet another black life for us to finally say, "enough is enough." It's 2020 and everything is becoming very clear. We are collectively waking up to several harsh realities that need addressing.

Let this serve as a reminder that when you ask for something in life, it will rarely show up in the way you expect. Further, real change will never be served to you on a silver platter, but rather it will require earning. You will be dealt with obstacles and adversity meant for you to overcome so that you can become stronger because real change isn't external, it always starts with YOU. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

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