Act Like you Have Already Arrived

As we are all on our journey in life, we are taking steps towards a goal, away from something we don't want, or maybe even sideways because of some detour. Whichever direction you are headed is unique to your specific path. Typically whenever we are headed towards a goal we are not necessarily striving for the trophy at the end of the race, but the feeling we will get once that trophy is ours. These metaphorical trophies are in the form of a degree, a weight goal, a relationship goal, an income goal, etc. We are constantly running on the mindset that says, "Once I have ________, I will be ________." A couple of my beliefs have gone as follows: Once I lose weight, I will be confident, Once I get married, I will be loved, Once I earn more money, I will be free and secure.

What I have recently discovered is that this is the absolute worst strategy to prepare for what I want. How can I ever expect to be confident, loved, free, and secure, if my physical and psychological body have no idea how to experience these things?! If I am not practicing being what I truly want, then I am just proving to myself that I am not worth the experiences of such ways of being. I can be in full action mode and do all the work to accomplish my tangible goals, but once I have all of these things I will still not be satisfied. You must literally train your nervous system to be prepared for the moment you accomplish your next big goal, or else your body will immediately reset back to what it's used to.

The point is, no external resource will ever influence sustainable ways of being that make life worth living. You must start with BEING. This concept is intertwined with gratitude because when you are truly grateful, you are approaching life from a place of abundance and "I am enough" which then demonstrates that you are ready to take your life to the next level.

You absolutely must enjoy the process of achieving your goal as much, if not more, as accomplishing the goal in mind. You will never get the results you want coming from a disempowered state. So the next time you set a big goal for yourself, really consider WHY that is your goal. What state are you desiring to achieve as a result of meeting that goal? Once you are clear on that, start immediately practicing what that state is and the rest will fall into place.

- With great love.

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