Change up your B.S.

Are you choosing your beliefs? Or have they chosen you?

Our belief systems are what separates us as a human species from animals. We have a powerful way of attributing meaning to the events that happen in our lives. This is an important distinction to be conscious of.

It’s not the events that happen to us that shapes our lives, it’s the meaning we create based on those events. 

So what is a belief really? A belief is simply a feeling of certainty about something. That’s it!

Most of our beliefs are simply generalizations that we have created based on how we interpret experiences that cause us pain or pleasure. The obstacle here is that most of us don’t choose our beliefs consciously! We allow our subconscious interpretation to form a belief about what the world is, who people are, and who WE are, and we accept it as the only way. 

The most conscious choice you can make is to understand that your beliefs are mere interpretations, not hard facts. 

In order to grow, you must be willing to challenge your beliefs. You must be willing to identify who you are based on your vision for your life, separate from the beliefs you’ve held for so long. Did you choose your beliefs? Or were they handed to you by a parent, by the school system, by a heart-break, or by a traumatic event? Remember that all personal breakthroughs start with a change in beliefs. 

Because we know that a belief is simply a feeling of certainty about something, in order to change your beliefs, all you have to do is begin to doubt them through questions. Begin to ask yourself, is this true? Am I sure about this? Who says this is true? Is this belief empowering or disempowering? By asking enough questions, you begin to create doubt, thus changing your level of certainty.

Now if you have a belief that you are a sexy, intelligent person bound for unlimited success and fulfillment, I would advise you to keep that belief because it’s incredibly empowering! But if you have a serious of disempowering beliefs about yourself, your future, and the world around you, then I would suggest questioning those beliefs. And remember, THEY ARE NOT REALITY.

Allow yourself to be conscious enough to distinguish your intuition leading you from your past traumas misleading you!

Here are some helpful questions from Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins that you can ask yourself to challenge your disempowering beliefs:

  1. How is this belief ridiculous?

  2. Was the person I learned this belief from worth modeling?

  3. What will it ultimately cost me if I don’t let go of this belief?

  4. What will it ultimately cost my relationships if I don’t let go of this belief?

  5. What will it ultimately cost me physically if I don’t let go of this belief?

  6. What will it ultimately cost me financially if I don’t let go of this belief?

  7. What will it ultimately cost my loved ones if I don’t let go of this belief?

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