Here is that sign...

If you have been looking for a sign, here it is. 

Do you know that dream that has been poking at you? The one that motivates you on some days but scares you on most? Yeah, the BIG one. That dream would not have been put on your heart if you were not equipped to carry it out. You would not have been given a dream too big for you to accomplish without being given the resources needed to make it happen.

Your job is then simple; you must dig deep to access those resources. I said simple, not easy. Sometimes the potential sitting inside of us is buried under some heavy stuff. We must uncover and face our traumas, fears, guilt, shame, and socialization in order to access the magic inside of you. 

You are not required to do this, though. There is a much easier route for you to take. You can ignore the dream and allow fear to win, because safety is so much more comfortable, right?! Of course it is… for now. You can bask in the pleasures of short-term comfort, living moment to moment as you survive off quick hits of dopamine. Work that 9-5 as you impatiently await the weekend because you’re not sure which fear is greater: the one that challenges you to take the leap towards your dreams, or the fear of living a life of, “what if?”

What if I chased that dream? What if it worked out? What if I made a huge difference during my time here on earth? What if everything I dreamed of came true? Where would I be now? What kind of impact could I have made on the world, my life, my family’s life? Hmmm…. What if?

God is nudging you with a dream that feels scary because he knows you’re qualified and he is ready to work through you. But you have also been given the grace of free will because, in the end, it is not the dream that was placed on your heart that matters, but what you chose to do with it. The fact that the dream was placed on your heart alone is proof of your infinite power.

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