Growth & Comfort Can Never Coexist

The first human need: certainty. We all have a need for this to some extent, whether you are a homebody or an adventure seeker, certainty is our minds way of protecting us. Our brain says, "This situation has proven itself to be safe, let's stay." While this function serves its purpose on some levels, it completely blocks any form of growth. The need for certainty is the #1 obstacle any of us face. In life we are doing one of two things: growing or dying; we refers to you, me, and every other living thing on this planet. If we are not growing, we are certainly dying, and the only way to grow is to embrace change and all the discomfort that comes with it. The universe definitely had a sense of humor when it created this "you gotta grow to live" rule and simultaneously making growing so freaking uncomfortable. You may ask yourself, "how do I know if I'm growing?" Well I have the answer: IF IT'S UNCOMFORTABLE.

Growth and comfort can never coexist. Your goals and dreams are outside of your comfort zone; all growth lies beyond that invisible limiting line we draw that keeps us feeling safe. Your comfort zone is simply the web of limiting beliefs you place upon yourself that keeps you feeling stuck; every time you challenge it you grow and your comfort zone expands. Take working out for example, in order to build muscle you have to literally tear your muscle so that more mass can take up the space of that tear..... how freaking uncomfortable. Not only that, but in order to continually build muscle, you will have to gradually increase the weights. This is a perfect metaphor for how in order to grow in life, we must face discomfort and continuously push the limits of what we can handle. Before you know it, what used to feel difficult will be a breeze and you will experience the liberation that comes with embracing change and cheerfully welcoming the discomfort that will always be there with it.

When leaders sense discomfort, they automatically knows that's where growth lies and they charge it. You will discover a deep sense of comfort in realizing that the only thing you can ever truly be certain about is the road ahead of you is unknown. The discomfort that comes with change is always replaced with something much better. You were born a leader, somewhere along the way you told yourself otherwise. As a leader, it's time for you to get clear on what you've been resisting and pursue exactly that will all your might.

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