The Power of Habit

During this pandemic, when things are much slower, what are you doing? Did you know that the majority of what you do is unconscious? Our brains are so powerful, that we don't even need to consciously think about the physical movement of our bodies, we just ACT! These actions we take on an everyday basis overtime shape who we are and who we will become.

They are called our habits!

Habits are basically just ritualistic behaviors that we perform without thinking, such as brushing our teeth, getting dressed, eating, and whatever other various activities that make up your typical routine. While habits absolutely serve a positive purpose, it's crucial we take conscious control over them before they take control over us!

Whether you're in shape or not, happy or unhappy, successful or unsuccessful can be determined by your daily habits. 

 Take a look at your typical day, are you habits contributing to your long-term goals, or are they mere means to short-term satisfaction?

The key to breaking bad habits is to replace them with ones that serve you. Too much TV? Replace it with a book! Snacking? Go for a walk! Keep checking Instagram unconsciously? Put a limit on the app and get your butt exercising! This is going to take conscious discipline at first, but over time your new habits will become just that, habits!

There is a whole science around habits that you can find in the book Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and other scholarly resources.

Small adjustments in your daily habit can lead to a profound difference in your entire future!

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