To Change the World Start by Changing Yourself

As I reflect on the themes of this year, I believe we can all agree that uncertainty is one of the leading ones, along with chaos, clarity, change, and so on… Not only is our social climate uncertain, but people’s responses to what’s going on are also quite unpredictable. So many are responding based on emotions, rather than making conscious choices as to how they would like to lead.

The only constant in life is that nothing is ever constant. This is one of life’s greatest dichotomies. You can be certain that your external world will never be in your control. As scary as that truth may seem, there is a way you can find total peace in it, and that is by getting clear on the principles that will guide your life.

It’s totally normal that we all want some form of control over our lives. We all need a certain extent of security that we are safe, but as we all know, we cannot control what is outside of us. We can certainly influence our surroundings but we never control them. What you can control 100% of the time, however, is yourself. 

At all times, you are in control of how you respond to situations around you; being responsible literally means the ability to respond. Responsibility is so powerful because in a state of responsibility, it’s impossible to fall victim to your circumstances. In a world of constant uncertainty, it can be difficult to control your responses unless you are clear on your personal values and guiding principles.

Steven Covey talks about principle-centered leadership and says that a principle-centered leader is a person of character who works on the basis of natural principles and builds those principles into the center of their lives. When you take the time to get clear on what you value and what principles will lead your life, you then respond to changes in your relationships, work, social environment, personal life, and so on based on those principles versus your emotions.

Where we are collectively headed is unknown. While we cannot predict the future, we can certainly influence it by making conscious choices based on a principle-centered foundation. In order to head in the direction of positive change, conscious choices need to be made in the now.

To change the world, you must start by changing yourself. ✌️

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