Want to Discover Your #Purpose? Here's how...

Have you caught yourself asking this question? Have you asked yourself this question hundreds of times? Thousands? Me too. For most of us, as we navigate life and try to find our place in the world, this is the question that sits in the forefront of our minds.

Wouldn't you like to be able to answer this question with complete clarity?

The world is constantly telling us who we should be and where we fit in. You might decide to go to college, pick a major that interests you, try out a few jobs to see what you particularly enjoy, pick up a hobby, read a book, and still wonder, "What is my purpose?"

I will tell you the simplest way to discover why you were put here, and at the same time, it's the most difficult way...

To find your purpose, you must look at your pain.

Listen, you were put here for a reason. If God did not have a purpose for you, then you wouldn't have woken up with breath in your lungs today. You also went through that pain for a reason, a very specific reason. You have two options:

1. Allow the pain to shape you into a bitter person

2. Allow the pain to shape you into a better person

I firmly and whole-heartedly believe that your adversities are your greatest assets. They are literally a guide to your greatest fulfillment and your greatest way to contribute to others. Ask yourself, "Who did I need when I was going through that tough time?"And then go be that person for someone who's going through something similar!

I also believe that you will go through many adversities in your life. When you finish climbing one mountain, a bigger one will show up. I believe that you will never be given a mountain too big for you to climb, and more,you will never be given a dream too big for you to achieve.

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