Why Motivation is Bullsh*t

With 2020 having just begun, the resolutions are coming in hot. Not only is it a new year, but it's an entirely new decade and people are talking a big talk. The goals are unprecedented, the boundaries being set are firm, and people's visions are grand. 2020 is bringing about a new standard for greatness. Needless to say, people are feeling motivated to do big things.

Nowadays "motivation" has become a hot topic. People consume all types of motivational content from videos to podcasts, books, and seminars, and whatever other means available. I personally love including motivational and inspirational content in my life. The content I surround myself with has greatly contributed to my sense of personal growth and I am truly grateful for it. That being said, motivation is not enough.

You see, we all have goals. Whether we want to improve our health, grow our relationships, increase our finances, or dive deeper into our spirituality, goals have the same context: you want to be somewhere that you currently are not. There is a gap between you and what you desire. Tangible actions need to fill that gap to get you closer to your goal, but motivation alone is not sustainable fuel. Have you ever had a moment where you looked at some aspect of your life and thought, "This needs to change and it needs to change NOW"? I think we all have. At that moment, you felt a surge of power and, dare I say it, motivation. Next thing you know, you're lacing up your running shoes ready to go for that run.

But where are you a week from then? Probably right back in the rhythm of your old habits that are keeping you stuck. This is why motivation is bullshit. Want to know what's real? COMMITMENT. Commitment is when you keep going after that initial fire has burned out. Commitment is consistency. Commitment is an unwavering promise you keep to yourself when your "why" is big enough because your long term goal is greater than your short term discomfort. Commitment is the path to your dreams and no one promised that path won't have obstacles and bad weather along the way. Motivation is what gets you lacing your shoes, but commitment is what keeps your ass on the trail even when you don't want to keep going.

2020 has started off with some big talk, but true commitment will have you walking a big walk leading to big results.

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