You Become what you Consume

It says a lot about who you are to be reading this blog post because it's an indication that you are, on some level or another, mindful about what you consume. My goal is to provide you with consistent quality value that will benefit your life, expand your perception, and teach you something new. So I commend you for your choice to be here. 

In today's world, we are driven by instant access to things that bring about short-term pleasure. We have access to hits of dopamine more conveniently than ever! Think about fast food, social media, television, and radio; these are all things that we have quick and easy access to, and often engage in unconsciously. Have you ever been in a rush somewhere and realized you forgot to eat before you left or pack food? Next thing you know you find yourself in a drive-thru of some fast-food restaurant while the radio is playing some mainstream tune. I have totally found myself in this exact situation! As I reflect, these unconscious and quickly-made decisions never had me experience lasting fulfillment. 

I cannot stress this enough: YOU BECOME WHAT YOU CONSUME.

Something important to understand is that our mind has two parts: the conscious and subconscious. Consciously, we can only focus on about 5-9 bits of information, but our subconscious is soaking up absolutely everything. So that music you are listening to, those accounts you follow, and that TV show you love is shaping your perception of the world on a very deep level. This is why you must be intentional about what you are consuming. If you've ever heard the famous adage, "You are what you eat" it's time to take this literally and understand that it applies to all things that you consume. 

This is an opportunity to take advantage of the tools our ever-advancing world has to offer. Rather than eliminating social media, take some time to follow accounts that benefit your life and unfollow accounts that drain you. Swap out your favorite Netflix TV show for a personal development book (check out some recommendations below). Rather than listening to music on your commute to work, throw on an audible book or podcast. And last, but certainly not least, drink water, eat clean, and avoid processed foods! 

Watch your life change profoundly by making these minor shifts.

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