You Get What you Focus On

Did you know that at this moment there are millions of pieces of information your brain has to sort through? I bet you were unconscious of the space in between your toes, your heartbeat, and your tongue sitting on the roof of your mouth. And as you read this right now, unless you are outside, I bet you briefly forgot that there are clouds in the sky, birds chirping, and trees standing tall… until now. So why is it that our brains delete these details? Because if not, we would not be able to function appropriately! Imagine if every time you got in your car you had to consciously go through all the steps of operating and driving your vehicle! Our subconscious brains have our back and take care of the small stuff so we can focus on the “big” stuff. What makes you and I so powerful is that we can shift our focus at any moment. Just the mention of the small details in your body and environment that you were not previously aware of allows you to shift your focus onto those things.  I can imagine that in life you’ve been through inconvenient situations and perhaps felt emotions of stress, hurt, anxiety, or even depression. As you recall such a moment, I want you to think about what you were focusing on. Were you focused on what was going wrong? What was not in your control? How bad things currently were or could potentially end up? Are there certain disempowering things in your life that you perpetually focus on? I want to ask you, what could you be focusing on instead? In times of hardship, we often delete all the good in our life. We forget the aspects of our life that we are so blessed to have. We forget the blessing of life. If you woke up to live another day, you are BLESSED. This is why gratitude is so important. Gratitude is a focus exercise. It’s taking the time to consciously acknowledge everything in your life that you are so thankful for, and by making that shift in focus, you suddenly remember that your life is not so bad. Perhaps your life is an incredible gift.  Remember this, what you focus on grows. If you plant seeds in the garden of your mind of doubt, fear, and worry, you will reap more doubt, fear, and worry. But if you plant seeds of joy, love, and gratitude, can you guess what will grow?

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