Your Adversities are your Greatest Assets

Life definitely has not always been easy for me. It also has not been treacherous; I have been blessed with great health, amazing friends, a family that loves me deep down, and the fact that I was born in California alone makes me richer than nearly 90% of the Earth's population (this percentage was not verified). Like everyone, though, I have been through my fair share of adversities. To highlight a few, I was raised by a single, teen mom, I moved at least ten times before the age of 20, and horrifically abusive relationships set the example of what love is for me. I don't say all of that to gain pity or to wallow in the shadows of my life, but I actually view them from a completely opposite lens and that is gratitude. I am who I am today because of everything life threw my way. At any point in my life, I will always be able to tap into the strength, power, vulnerability, courage, and resilience I have displayed in my 21 years of living. How I overcame my circumstances and what I choose to do with the things I didn't agree with is what makes me the beautiful human being I am in this moment. I am a strong believer in turning your mess into your message; this is how you discover your life purpose.

What makes life so extraordinary is that we have no control over the next moment, and simultaneously we have absolute control over our destiny. I believe God's greatest gift to us human beings is our free will and our ability to tap into conscious living. No matter what deck of cards life hands out to us, no matter what obstacle or setback is thrown our way, we ALWAYS have the ability to rise up. I deeply believe that how we overcome life's obstacles is what defines us as individuals. We only know joy, when we experience despair, we only know peace, when we experience chaos, we only know love, when we experience fear, light can only exist because of darkness. The blessing of free will can also be a curse to those who choose to stay in the dark. Yes, pain, heartbreak, depression, anxiety, and trauma are all apart of life, but what outweighs these things are the resources available to us to overcome all of these things.

I am who I am because of all the times I decided "This is not what will be of my life. I deserve more. I was made for more." You are not defined by your culture, your family, your religion, your mistakes, your appearance, or even your name, you are defined by what you make of your life despite these things. We have no control over what's happened or what will happen in our lifetime, but we have total control over where we our headed and how committed we are to getting there despite the obstacles along the way. It's all your choice.

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