Your Language Shapes your Reality

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

What makes us profound social beings is our ability to use language to communicate with one another. The words we use have the power to create or destroy, heal or wound, initiate positive change or evoke a riot. Our beliefs are formed by words, and they can be changed by words, too. The problem is, most of us are unconscious about the words we use. We don’t take the time to actively choose our words, we simply learned them as we developed into toddlers, adolescents, teens, and adults, and stuck with them. If we realized the power that words have to create our entire reality, we would surely choose them more wisely!

Expand your vocabulary; Expand your life!

Understand now that the words you habitually use not only affect how you communicate with others, but how you communicate with yourself. The labels you put on experiences directly affect the emotions you experience. In an instant, we can change any emotional experience by simply choosing new words to describe how we feel. 

Words → Actions → Results → Reality

Consider the difference between saying, “I feel fine” and “I feel incredible!” The words literally hold an energic charge that influences our emotions, and therefore our experience of life. Linguists have proved that culturally, we are shaped by language. Language shapes our beliefs, and therefore our actions, which create our results and our experience of life!

“Words are used to re-present to us what our experience of life is.”

-Tony Robbins

So now that we have an understanding of the power of language, it’s time to consciously shift the way we use words. This may mean adding in new words, eliminating disempowering words, or reassembling the way we use words. For example, if you frequently use the word “depressed,” then you are giving your body access to feel depression. If that word was not apart of your vocabulary, however, how would you ever experience it? On the flip side, how often do you use words like unstoppable, incredible, phenomenal, or passionate? Perhaps by adding these words into your habitual vocabulary, you could experience the states they invoke more often!

This simple shift of language has the power to change the states you regularly experience!

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