Your Life is a Reflection of your Vibe

The law of attraction simply states that “like attracts like.” While this is a very basic concept to conceptually understand, taking it in as feedback for our own lives can be hard to grasp at times. The people you repeatedly attract, the circumstances you find yourself in, and the results you have in your own life are all a reflection of your inner world. Your vibe attracts your tribe… and everything else in your life. 

Your entire life is a reflection of YOU.

People who are positive, loving, and grateful attract people and circumstances who match the frequencies of these ways of being, while people who are negative, judging, and unhappy attract low frequencies that match their own. Isn’t it interesting that those who complain a lot find more and more to complain about? Your beliefs are a self-fulfilling prophecy that keeps you in an upward or downward cycle depending on who you choose to be.

I promise you, you were not dealt a bad deck of cards. Absolutely everything in your life is available to use to your greatest advantage and potential. Unfortunately, far too many people fail to recognize the depths of what they’re capable of.

Think about what is possible for you when you fully embrace the fact that you attract what you are. This means that all you have to do to attract the life of your dreams is to start by changing yourself.

Here are some tips on how you can start

~ Be present in your body rather than stuck in your head ~

~ Be open to what your feelings are telling you rather than reacting to them in judgment ~

~ Allow yourself to experience the eternal love that you represent rather than seeking it from some external source ~

~ Learn to take care of yourself first rather than expecting that care from someone else ~

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